-Will Draw-
Any race (human, anthro, etc)
m/m, f/m, f/f etc (any gender combo)
Multi headed or body parts (4 arms, x amount of tails.)
Spots, Stripes, Wings, horns, etc
CUTE THINGS! I love cute things

-Will draw but doesn't get asked to or not the best At-
Buff characters
Males (I just don't get commissioned for them as much.)

-Wont Draw-
Water sports
Bodily waste of any kind
adult Feral art
cub porn
Pokemon in adult situations Unless anthro
Complex rainbow markings
Inflation on any character other than a rubber or inflatable character (pooltoy etc)
Copywritten characters in Adult themes unless from adult themed shows or comic etc

Please if you have any question ask.
email me at nutcaseart[at]gmail.com

© Cassandra Caposino

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