You must be 18 years or older to commission me. If I find out you are under 18 during your commission is being worked on it will be canceled and you will be blocked.
If you are under 18 and would like a commission, please commission me at a con. That will be the only only way until you are 18.

I send Invoices! 
So please do not just send your payment, wait and pay the invoice.

Payment Types I take!
-Amazon Giftcards (limited amount of these a month)

Copyright info!
Unless talked about before the commission, I hold copyright to the art.
Copy right can be sold but please note that it will change the cost of the art (adding a good deal more to the cost for sure). 
I do not claim copyright of your character but it is still my art!
So unless you pay for the copyright you do not have the right to sell anything with my art on it.
What I don't mind you doing:
-Using your art as icons
-using it for banner on sites (as long as it's made clear you did not make the art)
And so on!
As long as you credit me as the artist (hopefully at least linking back to one of my sites) and you are not making any money off my art you are free use it!

Editing My Art!
I'd prefer you not do this.
But say adding your name in (to make it a badge) or adding a BG for a site or a color key etc that's fine.
But nothing along the lines of messing with the art.
If there is an issue with the art I'd like for you to contact me. If it was my fault (I missed something in the refes etc) I'll try and change it to the best of my ability.
If it is a change that is needed because you have left something out I may or may not ask for a fee. (small and easily changed things will have no fee but larger things will!)

That being said if you get a sketch or lineart from me you are welcome to color it (or have someone else color it AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT BEING PAID).
If you do this all I ask is you do not remove my signature, you credit me when posting for what I did, and also share it with me! I'd love to see it!

General Info
I do reserve the right to make a print of a commission. (if you are not ok with this please mention it when commissioning and we'll work out fees if I think it would have made a good print.) The commissioner will be told if I plan to/do make a print of their commission.
I reserve the right to use any image I make in books that I will/may make in the future. The commissioner will be credited for the character in the book on the image!
I will always credit the owner where I can.
Unless other wise asked not to I'll post the commission where I'd like (or not if I do not want to post it).
If requested not to post there may be a $5 fee for not being able to post it. Any art posted is like a advertisement for me.


-Please see the Will and Wont draw page if you are wondering if I'll draw the comissions theme.
-I take payment up front! 

-I do not offer changes on sketch commissions.
-I send a sketch for approval. once approved I will move on to finishing the commission.
-Any basic edits for color will be taken after commission is finished, but nothing to do with line work, because you approved the sketch.
-I reserve the right to not take a commission.
-You can cancel a commission, but if the sketch has been approved at that point I will only do a partial refund covering what I had finished.

 Wing it Style commissions!
A "wing it" commission means you get what is received. This does not include alterations or additions of any level of detail once  the artist has deemed it to be finished piece.
 The level of finish for this  style of commission will be based on my current prices (see price list).
Other guidelines will posted in the commission special.

NO VISUAL REFES?-If you do not have any visual refes for your character there will be a fee. The base fee is $5+ mattering on how complex the description reads. If you have any kind of visual refe from clothes to examples of what pose you want, it will help make sure I know what you are wanting.

Mature Art- Mature work is anything over PG13. and there is a flat fee of $5 for a image in this rating thank you.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Now you are ready to look at my commission prices (digital or traditional) and see the page on how to commission me!

© Cassandra Caposino

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