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T = Twitch

P = Picarto

~Streaming Schedule~

Monday- Friday

P- Noon to 6 pm est

Possible that I will stream later as well if needed.


How To Get a in Stream commission!

Please Check out my:

Will and Wont Draw!

Commission Prices!

Here's how to commission me in stream.
Either on Twitch, or Picarto.

1. Make sure I am open for commissions.

You can ask in chat or even just see if I have it shown on the stream feed if slots are open.

2. Let me know in chat that you would like a slot.

I will let you know for sure if slots are open, and if so I'll ask you to email me.

3.In the email I will need to know what level of commission you want (sketch, lineart, etc) and what you want going on in the commission.

When emailing you will need visual refes of your character for in stream commissions.

And please also include the email I should send the paypal invoice to (I know some people use other emails for that so please just confirm with me)

4. I will reply back with your price quote for what you wanting. If you ok it I will then send the invoice.

I will also send you the finished commissioned work to the email you sent to get the quote with.

© Cassandra Caposino

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