Have a look at my TOS, Will and Wont draw list, and my commissionprices. (Digital or Traditional)

Know what you'd like to get for commission.

 Now you are ready to email me for your commission!



Look below how to write a good email for when you are getting a commission!

These are samples of a bad and a good email for me. Writing all your details like the bad email makes it hard for me to find the info I need to make your commission come to life. The Good email shows the best way to get across to me what you want. Including the detail you would like in the picture. The sample good email lists details like background and even the way the character is facing. This because the commissioner has all the details in mind. But you don't have to have those if you want to let me do what I feel would work. That is also fine for pose etc. Also shown in the good email, even thought they don't have a image of their character already made, they sent images to help me understand what they are going for. This can be good from the character, to background or even the pose if you have a set pose in mind.

Here we have my reply to the good email. I've given the commissioner a quote. After they have approved the price, and paid the invoice I start working. For more finished commissions I'd then send a sketch for the commissioner to approve, but since this commission was just a sketch.

I finished it and sent the art over to the commissioner.

And that's how you do it! That's how you commission me.


This is the easiest way for me to work on your art as well. If you'd like to get a commission type you don't see on my price sheet feel free to email me and just ask about it, before giving me all the details. These prices and commission types are just ones I have gotten asked for in the past. But I am willing to work on different types of commission.

My email is NutCaseArt[at]gmail.com

If you'd like to tip after the commission here's a couple ways you can!
1) https://streamlabs.com/NutCaseArt Just make the message so I know it's you :D

2) https://ko-fi.com/nutcaseart Buy me a coffee! With this also please include a message so I know it's you.

3) You could send me a Amazon gift card! Just the same email you emailed to get the commission. Helps me buy games and art supplies.

© Cassandra Caposino

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