About me!

I’m a freelance artist living in the Atl, GA area with my husband. I’ve been a freelance artist for a while, but I finally took the jump in early 2011. I am now doing art as my full time job.I love drawing cute things, but also really enjoy heavy lines in my art. I mostly do personal commissions for people at cons and on the internet drawing their characters. But I also can do more detailed full illustrations and logos. If you have any questions about what I'm willing to do please feel free to contact me!

Contact Me

If you have any questions about my work, or how you can commission me please feel free to contact me!

My email is NutCaseArt@gmail.com

Also if you'd like to send anything, fanart, letters, or even something you'd like a review of please do. If you'd like me to review something please include that in the package, and make it an item(s) that is art related or something you've seen me do a video about before please.

Nut Case Art

3628 Satellite Blvd

Unit 958038

Duluth GA


Thanks so much!

© Cassandra Caposino

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